Owls & Monkies or Carnaval Masks?

Community Engagement

Darwin Turner Action Theatre

Darwin Turner Action Theatre (DTAT) is the social outreach component for the Theatre Arts Department. It was originally established in 1968 as Black Action Theatre. Its mission was to expose Iowa audiences to African-American culture and promote knowledge and understanding to people of different backgrounds. DTAT is now more culturally and socially inclusive, reflecting the growing diversity of our state and country. It presents dynamic, thought-provoking pieces of theatre for social and cultural awareness.

Topics include:

  • race/cultural identity
  • gender
  • racial/age/sexual discrimination
  • historical biographies and events

With offerings for all ages, DTAT's performances and workshops are interactive and aimed to provoke awareness and discussion.


Arts Share

Arts Share is the University’s largest outreach program. Housed in the Division of Performing Arts its staff assists schools, community centers, and other organizations that wish to engage artists to perform or lead workshops. It also arranges for K-12 students to attend performances on campus. Faculty and students in the Theatre Arts Department participate actively in this program. The Acting Ensemble, DTAT, as well as individual artists, offer programs, performances, and classes.



Leslie Finer
Head of Arts Share