A Scene from FEMINAAL, a new work.  Actors standing behind a red rectangle, tilting their heads.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Theatre Arts at the University of Iowa (As of 08.2019)

Undergraduate Students

178 students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre Arts

  • 131 theatre arts majors obtaining a second major, minor, or certificate
  • 110 theatre arts double majors (in 37 different programs)

           Top Five Double Majors:
           English & Creative Writing

  • 26 theatre arts majors pursuing a minor (in 14 different programs)
  • 27 theatre arts majors pursuing a certificate (in 8 different programs)
  • 22 students pursing a Certificate in Public Digital Arts

65 undergraduate theatre minors
Over 309 non-majors participating in theatre classes

Graduate Students

40 students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Theatre Arts

10 Actors
4   Directors
8   Designers
3   Dramaturgs
11  Playwrights
4   Stage Managers

40 Teaching and Research Assistants

Faculty & Staff

23 faculty members
12 administrative and production staff

August 2022 Auditions

66 auditioned
48 actors were cast

4%   Asian/Asian American
12% Black/African American
14% Hispanic/Latino
1%   Native American
73% White/Caucasian
1%   Did not report
Note: People who identified as multiple ethnicities were counted in both categories.