Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Theatre Arts at the University of Iowa (as of 08.2017)

183 Undergraduate Students

183 undergraduate theatre majors

142 theatre majors are obtaining a second major, a minor, and/or a certificate (79%):
123 students double majoring (students are double majoring in 40 different programs)
20 students pursuing a minor in another program (minors range across 18 different programs)
24 students pursuing a certificate in another program (certificates range across 7 different programs)
9 students pursuing the Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship

69 undergraduate theatre minors

Over 440 non-majors participating in theatre classes

43 Graduate Students

43 MFA students

13 Actors
4   Directors
7   Designers
3   Dramaturgs
10  Playwrights
6   Stage Managers

40 Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants

45 Faculty & Staff

23 faculty members
12 administrative and production staff

628 Actors

The Actor Bank is an online database created at the University of Iowa to assist the directors in sharing infomation about the actors who are auditioning and enables the actors to update their information in real time, as they go through the audition and callback process. Since its creation, the Actor Bank has been used by 628 actors.

August 2017 Auditions

138 auditioned
40% were freshmen
103 actors were cast

9% Hispanic/Latino
6% African-American
1% Asian/Asian-American
1% Native American