Ghost Light in E.C. Mabie Theatre

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Josh Christoffersen

Alice in Wonderland
Kyla Medina

Antigone 2.0, Stick Fly, The Cherry Orchard, Big Love
Alan Stoker

Tom Jorgensen/University Creative Services

In the Class Room & Daily Life
Joe Luis Cedillo and R. Eric Stone

Antigone 2.0 & Dry, a Cycle of Dreams
Maylan Thomas

Eggshell & Angel Bones
Soren Olsen

Girl in a Chinese Raincoat
Kaitlyn Busbee

Spring Awakening
Kevin Loeffler

Sherlock's Last Case, A Woman in Black, ondine, rehearsals for the '12 New Play Festival
Michelle Greensmith at Greensmith Photography

Lucas Ingram

Eye Piece
Bryon Winn

Historic Photos of the Theatre Building
Frederick W. Kent Photographic Collection, University of Iowa Libraries


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