Eye Piece

Archive of "Eye Piece"

Written & Composed by Rinde Eckert
E.C. Mabie Theatre
February 2010
Iowa Partnership in the Arts

List of Artistic Staff for Eye Piece
Creative Staff  
Director Rinde Eckert
Scenic Designer Bryon Winn
Costume Designer Amanda Quivey
Lighting Designer Bryon Winn
Stage Manager Gina Savoie

Scenes from Eye Piece

Scenes from Eye Piece

Scenes from Eye Piece

Scenes from Eye Piece

Eye Piece was presented in collaboration with Hancher Auditorium and supported by a major grant from the Doris Duke Foundation. Beginning with interviews of doctors, nurses, and patients in the UI Center for Macro-degeneration, Rinde Eckert created a music-theatre piece that explored the world of the blind. At the center of the play was a painter grappling with the agony of losing his sight. Surrounding that story were snatches of medical lectures, songs, dances, and scenes drawn from research. More than a story of the human body, Eye Piece was about the rich subject of blindness – social, cultural, and spiritual.


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