A Scene from ALEPH COMPLEX, NPF '13


The following rules apply to all graduate students in Theatre Arts who are seeking internships:

1. The department sets the number of semester hours a student receives for an internship. The primary consideration is the amount of work (academic, scholarly, artistic) to be accomplished during the period.

2. Normally, before the internship begins, the faculty sponsor, the on-site supervisor and the student agree in writing about (a) the work the student will do, (b) how the student will be evaluated by the on-site supervisor, (c) how the supervisor will report to the faculty sponsor (at least twice during the semester), and (d) how a grade will be determined. On occasion this process may be delayed until the internship is in progress.

3. Tuition must be paid to The University of Iowa for all credit hours. (The only exception is approved work done at a graduate program at another university.) If an out of state student holds an assistantship and will be unable to complete the required work during the internship, he or she must pay out of state tuition. An exception may be made if the department can arrange its schedule so the student completes a year’s assistantship in the fall term. If the Dean of the Graduate College approves, the student may be paid evenly across the whole year and remain an "in-state" student during an assistantship in the spring semester.

4. Students should take care that an internship does not keep them from completing their residency requirement.