Honors Poster

Honors Projects

Mar 27, 2013 to Mar 30, 2013
Hodges, Schiller, Jackson, Cook
Theatre B


The University of Iowa Department of Theatre Arts’ honors students will be presenting their thesis projects March 27th-30th.

Puddin’ and Spot’s Community will be presented together March 27th and 29th, and Lungs will be presented March 28th and 30th. All shows will be at 8:00pm in Theatre B in the Theatre Building and will be free to the public.

Bethany Jackson wrote and developed Puddin’, a one-act play about a young woman contemplating her impending motherhood while being visited throughout the course of a day by her dead mother and grandmother. It is being directed by Joe Pray.

Taylor Cook wrote and is directing Spot’s Community, in which one young man attempts to bring the remnants of humanity together through the hallucinogenic powers of soda. His “Community” brings dancing, singing, drunkenness, and violent sibling rivalry.

Jacob Schiller and Emilia Hodges are collaborating on a play called Lungs, written by British playwright Duncan Macmillan. “Lungs combines hyper-real dialogue with a quirky form that expands and contracts time before our eyes, creating the almost physical sensation of being hurtled towards and uncertain future.” – What’s on Stage