Regina Morones as LADY M

Lady M

Oct 11, 2012 to Oct 21, 2012
William Shakespeare
Directed by: 
Matt Hawkins
David Thayer Theatre


For Matt Hawkins' MFA Thesis, he chose to adapt, direct and create the fight choreography for the classic tragedy of Macbeth — through the eyes of Lady Macbeth — in a single 95-minute explosion of verse and action, staged inside an intimate triangular arena.

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Creative Staff  
Director Matt Hawkins
Scenic Designer R. Eric Stone
Costume Designer Emily Bushá
Lighting Designer Jess Fialko
Sound Designer Andrew Stewart
Stage Manager KatyBeth Schmid


Lady Macbeth Regina Morones
Lady Macduff Allyson Malandra
Weird Sister Valeria Avina
Weird Sister Emily Hinkler ☆
Weird Sister Elizabeth Hinkler ☆
Macbeth Matthew James
Duncan Nate Wasson
Malcolm Luke Millington-Drake ☆
Banquo RJ McGhee
Fleance Dylan Davenport
Macduff Bryan McIntyre ☆
Macduff's Child Nicole Lane ☆
Ross Ben TeBockhorst ☆
Doctor/Soldier/Rebel Lesley Geffinger
Orderly/Soldier/Rebel Scott Myers
Murderer/Soldier/Rebel Felipe Carrasco ☆
Murderer/Soldier/Rebel Luke Cunningham ☆
Murderer/Soldier/Rebel Breeyn Tigh ☆
  ☆ undergraduate student


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A Scene from LADY MA Scene from LADY MA Scene from LADY M