Braided Sorrow by Marisela Treviño Orta Directed by Natalie Villamonte Zito

Braided Sorrow

Feb 03, 2023 to Feb 11, 2023
Marisela Treviño Orta
Directed by: 
Natalie Villamonte Zito
David Thayer Theatre


About the Play

In the Mexican border city of Juárez, Alma has newly arrived to take a job in an American-owned factory in order to help her family survive by sending money back to her parents and helping to provide for her brother and pregnant sister-in-law. At sixteen years old, Alma is shocked by the dangers of the city–the femicides and disappearances–lurking outside the factory’s walls, until she is visited by La Llorona. In Marisela Treviño Orta’s (MFA '18) poetic Braided Sorrow, Alma is set on a treacherous journey calling on her bravery to end the unnatural nightmares of Juárez.

Please be advised that this performance includes the use of theatrical fog/haze, explicit language, staged violence and sexual assault, and references to violence against women.

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Role Name
Alma Sara Alvidrez*
La Llorona Kat Guerrero
Carlos Orlando Lopez
Yadria Maddie Rodriguez*
Socorro Nat Payan*
Eulalia Dajzané Meadows-Sanderlin
Señor Fillmore/Chorus Johan Avila*
Officer/Chorus Luis Avalos*
Chorus Jason Vernon*
Chorus Andrew Lindsay*
Chorus/Blanca Gomez Savannah Mazas*

Creative Team

Title Name
Director Natalie Villamonte Zito
Stage Manager Jordan "J.J." Jones
Assistant Stage Manager Savanha Moore
Scenic Designer Alex Casillas
Assistant Scenic Designer Dorothy Craven*
Lighting Designer Victor Maldonado
Assistant Lighting Designer Jeffrey Oakley
Costume Designer Abigail Mansfield Coleman
Assistant Costume Designer Annelies Knight*
Props Designer Gina Smothers
Audio Designer Colten Langfitt
Media Designer Kenneth Collins
Dramaturg Meg Mechelke
Fight Director Paul Kalina 
Intimacy Director Owen Brightman

*Undergraduate student. UI Theatre is dedicated to providing hands-on theatre experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.