Readings from the Undergrads by the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop. Grey photo of Theatre Building.

Readings from the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop

May 06, 2021
Undergraduate Playwrights
Directed by: 
Brett Stone
Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 5:30pm


Selected undergraduate playwrights will showcase their ten-minute plays (or excerpts of plays) as staged readings.

Shells and The Body that Housed Them (an excerpt from a full-length play)
by Ennis Matthew Neal
Ex-children's TV show host, Charles Baker, lives in a house infested with puppets. Talking to them and only them, Baker recalls and unpacks trauma, coming to find that he must confront feelings of growing old and becoming obsolete.

Promise Me (an excerpt from a full-length play)
by Alexis D. Vaselopulos
Mari is an aspiring singer at a nursing home, while mourning her recently deceased grandmother. When she meets Judy, an agent, by accident and discovers the opportunity of a lifetime, Mari must find out if she can take flight on the dream or stay rooted in her grief.

Where Are You Going, Holler Greene? (an excerpt from a full-length play)
by Arlo Schneider
Holler Greene is stuck here, he is trying to get somewhere else, and he can't seem to find a way there. In this scene, he grapples with the reality of his situation.

Cupid Tyrannous
by Kiley E. Rowe
Cupid makes a bet with Zeus that there is an odd number of mortals on earth and that the odd person out is his soulmate. He pairs every mortal on earth to a lover with his arrows on a desperate quest to win and find love.

He Wrote Murder: A Two Act Murder Mystery (an excerpt from a full-length play)
by Juniper Nightingale Montgomery
In an attempt to finish his murder mystery novel, a writer inserts himself into the story he’s created to help the detective solve the case. And from there, chaos.

by Val Timke
A rumored messiah in the time of Jesus lives a parallel life to him but is ultimately forgotten. This play deals with themes of divinity, what history forgets, being overshadowed, and mortality. Saint Augustine from the future recounts what he believes, contrasted with images from the past that he cannot see.

Deer's Blood (an excerpt from a full-length play)
by Brett Stone
Hunter has returned home from college after a video of him killing a bird in high school resurfaces. On arrival he seeks the help of his old therapist and his friend's sibling, Winwell, to try and figure out who posted the video and how he can get his old life back. Can you get past your darkest moments if you never really change?

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