Illustration of laptop, notebook, and pen. Iowa New Play Festival Reading Series. Selections from the Undergraduate Playwrights

Selections from the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop

May 05, 2022
Undergraduate Playwrights
Catalano Acting Studio (Room 172)
Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 3:00pm


Selections from the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop will feature readings of excerpts of the following full-length plays.

CO/OP: Civil War, the second play in the CO/OP cycle
Written and directed by Alice Doherty

Grocery store employees holed up in their workplace after a civil insurrection wait for one of their own to return after traversing a lawless city in search of his lost handgun.

This play contains discussions of violence, firearms, and simulated drug use.

The Outcloset  
By Adrian Enzastiga

In a world where queer people are forced to live in an underground bunker away from society, Twink finds himself in the Outcloset, where he meets fellow gays and queers, who help him find his identity.

This play contains sex, violence, homophobia, mental illness, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Nothing Grows in a Green House
By Ennis Matthew Neal

After suffering a miscarriage, a pianist with a painfully out-of-tune piano hopes to poison herself by "bathing in green" à la the Victorian age green dye arsenic epidemic. When she meets a young child dressed as a sheet ghost, she attempts to fill the void of being childless by mothering him and turning him green.

This play contains a miscarriage, illness, the death of a child, and discussion of suicide/suicidal ideation.  

Arlo's Friends Come To His House: A Play That Stays In Our Brains
By Arlo Schneider

This is a play that stays in our brains. Many would call it a closet drama. I would not. Point is, it is not to be staged, at most it is to be read amongst friends. It is about my friends coming to my house and also about other things, too.

This play contains explicit language.

And Also With You
By Jenna Galligan

A Catholic mass goes biblically wrong.

By Clark Mingxuan Hui

This is when the totalitarianism autocracy won, in spite of not completely.

This play contains graphic violence, description of violence, gun violence, sexual abuse/violence, vulgar/disrespectful/discriminative language that might traumatizing/cause traumatic memory, discomfort, and other possible unwellness.

By Luis Garcia

A monologue in which the main character SOL is performing a ritual and speaking to the powers of the universe. Final scene of Xolo.

This play contains violence.

Nothing to See Here
By Tyler Salow

A class reunion/bus tour goes awry, and the classes' memories and friendships are tested.

By Demi Makeig

In search of ignorant bliss, a world-famous genius tries to break their brain by any means necessary.

This play contains simulated drug use, sexual content, and suicidal ideation.

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