Iowa New Play Festival 2023 Selections from the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop

Selections from the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop

May 04, 2023
Undergraduate Playwrights
Catalano Acting Studio (Room 172)
Thursday, May 4, 2023 - 3:30pm


Selections from the Undergraduate Playwrights Workshop will feature readings of short plays and excerpts of full-length plays.

Excerpt from Lovestruck
By Caitlin Bissen

Rookie reporter Marcus Johnson is finally assigned a story of a lifetime-- a divorce dispute that leads to a man's dramactic filing for 'Trial by Combat' with his ex-wife. 

By Cameryn Barnett 

Two guardian spirits contemplate the nature of the universe as they observe the human world. 

Please be advised this piece contains discussion of violence/dark themes.

Awkwardness at Hy-Vee
By Sylvester Russell

One Saturday, co-workers run into each other at Hy-Vee. Awkwardness ensues.

Mother’s Daisy 
By Cassandra Higgs

Tired and overwhelmed by new motherhood, Igdis tries to take her own life, only to have an old acquaintance show up on her doorstep. 

Please be advised this piece contains and discusses attempted suicide, death, postpartum depression and intrusive thoughts. There's also descriptions of vomiting. 

Excerpt from Reflections
By Delaney Waterman

Three generations of women come to terms with disappointment, loss, and identity. 

Excerpt from Fire in the Tabernacle
By Alice Doherty

A young Mormon woman bears her testimony to her ward congregation in the wake of her husband's faith crisis. 

Excerpt from All the People We Used To Know, And the Cars I’m Too Afraid to Drive 
By Anthony Courant

In the wake of a car accident the relationship of two brothers comes to a head. In this excerpt Little Bird who is from the future is visiting her father Andy. 

Excerpt from Infamy, Inc. 
By James Van Eaton

In the satirical play Infamy, Inc., a whirlwind PR agent for a deeply mysterious talent company tries to convince a prospective client that the best thing he can possibly do for his career is die in a really spectacular fashion. 

Please be advised this piece contains discussion of death, violent imagery and mention of suicide. 

The Day Sisyphus Gave Up 
By Parker Johnson

Sisyphus, a former king sentenced to eternally push a boulder up a hill, negotiates for a lesser sentence with the lord of the Underworld. 

Excerpt from Ghost Town 
By Darrin Terpstra

Two people discuss the implications the existence of ghosts has on love, grief, and the people they leave behind. 

A Pita My Heart 
By Tyler Salow

A baking incident goes awry, but does it matter when it’s love at first bite? 

Please be advised this piece contains strong language and yeast-themed mishaps.

Excerpt from The Static Speaks 
By Nat Payán

Being a kid is hard enough; it's even harder when your parents won't stop fighting and the voices in your head don't want to leave you alone. 

Please be advised this piece contains strong language and references to domestic violence.


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