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Program Requirements

In order to complete a BA degree with Honors in Theatre Arts, students must:

Complete at least 12 semester hours of Honors courses in the Theatre Arts Department.

  1. Nine of these hours must be in regular courses offered on a Theatre Arts Department number (THTR) and taught by a tenure track faculty member or a continuing lecturer. Any course may be designated an honors course with the permission of the instructor. One of these courses must be in an academic or diversity area; these courses include Script Analysis (in a section taught by a tenure track faculty member or a lecturer), Theatre History, Cultural Diversity and Identity, and all dramaturgy, dramatic theory and dramatic literature courses.
  2. Three of these hours are completed with an Honors Thesis.

Complete their degree program with a cumulative 3.33 GPA in Theatre Arts Department courses.

Those who wish to complete a creative Honors project must:

  1. Be a Theatre Arts major and remain a Theatre Arts major while completing the Honors project;
  2. Complete at least one Theatre Arts Honors course before the project will be approved;
  3. Have three Theatre Arts Honors courses completed or under way in the semester in which the project is scheduled;
  4. Apply for approval of the project by April 1 of the year before it will be scheduled. Projects are not guaranteed a production slot.

Students planning to complete the Honors Program are encouraged to indicate this intention to the department honors advisor, Loyce Arthur.

Honors Program Information & Honors Project Guidelines

More information from the Registrar.

Honors Contract Form

For any class that you want to take for honors credit, you must meet with the instructor, discuss the project goals, then fill out an Honors Contract Form. For Fall 2019 honors courses, the form must be submitted through MyUI by October 4, 2019.

Graduation with Honors

Theatre majors with a minimum GPA of 3.33 are encouraged to pursue an Honors Project. Two semesters before the planned honors project, the Honors Candidate will select a topic and submit a formal prospectus for approval by the project and honors advisors. The candidate will complete the project under faculty supervision during his/her final semester (with enrollment in THTR:4692).

Most Honors projects include:

  • A major writing component
  • A public presentation of the work
  • An oral examination or discussion of the work with the student's Honors Advisor