Minor in Theatre Arts

If you would like to take several courses in Theatre Arts but do not choose to major in the department, you may want to be a Minor. The Minor allows you to participate in the department’s special permission process and take undergraduate courses for which you have completed the prerequisites.

To declare a Theatre Arts Minor, come to the Department Office and simply indicate that you wish to be a Minor. You will be included on a list of students who can participate in the department’s special permission process. If you decide not to continue, please let us know.


The Theatre Minor requires 15 semester hours of course work in Theatre Arts. At least 12 of these hours must be taken at The University of Iowa in theatre arts courses 2000 level or above.  THTR:1141 Basic Acting II will also count as an advanced course.  

All theatre courses are available to students minoring in Theatre.  Students wishing to take Acting I must request special permission from the Theatre Arts Department office. Minors who are interested in acting may also take Basic Acting I and Basic Acting II, and then may seek permission to enroll in Acting II.

See the General Catalogue Requirements


All students and community members are invited to audition for all productions. Auditions are normally held the end of the first week of school in the fall, in early November, and in early March. More information is available in the department office. You are also invited to work backstage on all non-main stage productions and, with permission, on main stage productions.


The faculty and staff are happy to talk with you and advise you about classes. Simply come to the main office or see any faculty member during office hours. It is your responsibility to keep track of course requirements. Questions regarding special permission procedures should be directed to the main office.


Contact the Theatre Office