• MFA Actor Catie Councell plays Fadwa Faranesh

    Mainstage FOOD AND FADWA

    The David Thayer Theater has been transported to a cross section of the Farnanesh family home in the occupied West Bank.  This is director Marina Bergenstock's MFA Thesis production.

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  • A scene from FOOD AND FADWA

    Mainstage FOOD AND FADWA runs through 2.13

    A wedding delayed, an annoying cousin, a former love, a government-imposed house arrest puts the Faranesh family under a microscope in the Theater Building.

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  • MFA Actors Zach Twardowski, Sambit Misra and Catie Councell in FOOD AND FADWA

    Mainstage Remembering, Now

    The Father, Baba, fades in and out of the action of FOOD AND FADWA from memories of his past and his ability to remember today.

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  • A scene from FOOD AND FADWA

    Mainstage United in the West Bank

    A week-long house arrest, family drama, and rationing; love, olive oil, music (and Arab Idol) thread through the story of FOOD AND FADWA.

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