West Illinois Glass House

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West Illinois Glass House
by Alex Lead

Set in Dallas over two weeks in March 2008, the defendant, a mother of three brothers, finds herself confined to her home as a suspect in a manslaughter case. The brothers reunite under these circumstances, each bringing their unique perspectives and reacting distinctively to the situation. Meanwhile, their mother remains tight-lipped about the case, causing frustration for her children, her best friend, and the attorney handling her defense, who seeks positive publicity. Interspersed with flashbacks of memories with her loved ones, the play explores the conflicts and dilemmas that surface in the tension between family bonds and the pursuit of freedom.

This show includes topics of addiction, discussion of extreme violence, outdated terms.


Role Name
The Defendant Cianon Jones
Inez Olivia Gould
Jasper Michael Taylor
Sphene Kylen Phillips*
Onyx Asha Keller*
Rachelle Dajzané Meadows-Sanderlin


Playwright/Costume Designer Alex Leadon
Director Joshua Turner
Dramaturg Bo- Hua Lin
Stage Manager Meenakshi Chinmai
Scenic Designer Cj Johnson
Sound Designer Anna Fox*
Lighting Designer Jeffrey Oakley
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Siefken*

*Undergraduate student. UI Theatre is dedicated to providing hands-on theatre experience for both undergraduate and graduate students

Tickets for gallery productions are available in the Theatre Building lobby one hour before show time. Tickets are free for University of Iowa students (with a valid ID) and $5 for general admission.

Friday, February 16, 2024 8:00pm
Saturday, February 17, 2024 8:00pm
Theatre Building
Alan MacVey Theatre
200 North Riverside Drive, Iowa City, IA 52242
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