The Theatre Arts faculty and staff are experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching.  All faculty members work with both undergraduate and graduate students. All serve as advisors on student productions, readings, and workshops. They are accessible, supportive, and committed to their students.

Among the many awards they have received are:

Regents Award for Faculty Excellence
Alan MacVey

President and Provost Award for Teaching Excellence
Meredith Alexander

Collegiate Teaching Awards
John Cameron, Dare Clubb, Paul Kalina, Kim Marra, Carol MacVey, R. Eric Stone, Bryon Winn, Megan Gogerty

Collegiate Fellow, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Alan MacVey, Kim Marra

Joe A. Callaway Prize for Best Book on Drama or Theatre
Kim Marra

Members of the College of Fellows of the American Theatre
Kim Marra, Alan MacVey

Acting & Directing


Playwrights Workshop & Dramaturgy

  • Art Borreca

    Art Borreca

    Co-Head of Playwrights Workshop, Co-Head of Dramaturgy

  • Dare Clubb

    Dare Clubb

    Co-Head of Dramaturgy, Associate Professor

  • Megan Gogerty

    Megan Gogerty

    Lecturer, musical theatre, dramatic literature & playwriting

  • Kim Marra

    Kim Marra

    Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

  • Lisa Schlesinger

    Lisa Schlesinger

    Associate Professor, Co-Head of Playwrights Workshop

Stage Management

Technical Staff

Administrative Staff

Emeritus Faculty