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Get the training and experience you need to create a successful and fulfilling theatre career—as a theatre arts major, you'll be involved in productions right from the start, gaining skills and building your professional resume.

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If you love theatre, you'll fit in at Iowa. Our students and professors are here for the same reason—we're obsessed with the magic of live theatre.

We come from diverse backgrounds and places, but share a common vision: To tell brand-new stories—about ourselves and our society—that the world needs to hear.

We’re a close-knit, creative community buzzing with ideas and energy, nestled in the heart of a major university in America's most-celebrated literary town. From first drafts through final performances, our undergrads, grad students, and professors support and learn from each other every step of the way. 

Our students work alongside our professionally experienced faculty mentors and trainers to conceive, create, develop, and present original plays, which often go on to shape contemporary theatre beyond Iowa's borders. Our audiences are enthusiastic and engaged, reflecting the University of Iowa's and Iowa City's historic identification with, and deep love for, writing and the arts. 

We work and perform in state-of-the-art theatre and studio spaces, producing 25-30 original works per year. Our workshops and courses are rigorous, challenging, and rewarding, and immerse our students in the full spectrum of the theatre arts for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Our students are curious about the world—almost two-thirds of our undergraduates have a double major—and passionate about exploring theatre with themes of social justice. And our alumni are working in every aspect of the theatre arts in arts organizations and colleges, many receiving the nation's most prestigious awards and recognition.

64 %

Theatre Arts students who double major


Student-led productions of original work each year

Why study theatre arts at Iowa?

As a theatre arts major, you'll be part of a welcoming and supportive community. 

You'll help to create, develop, and present brand-new plays—and learn the creative, technical, and interpersonal skills you'll need for professional success in theatre. 

And you'll develop the attributes that employers in every field seek: a strong and collaborative work ethic, effective communication skills, and the ability to work in teams to solve problems and imagine possibilities. 

No audition is required to major in theatre arts, and it's easy to add a second major, certificate program, or minor.

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